NEUS Black Leather Suede

€69 €119
  • Black
  • Negro
  • 9 cm

Delivery time: 24 - 48 hours

Handcrafted and designed in Spain

100% Leather

Recommended for sensitive skin
100% Chromium-free

Neus is a flirty sandal heel and very feminine. Decorated in a simple loop on the side that gives that added value that sometimes seek. Account subject to heel and ankle and heel 9 cm and is available in black suede and pink. Like all our shoes are 100% leather lining to ensure the best quality.


  • Black Leather Suede.
  • Goat leather lining.
  • Wide Heel 9 cm.
  • Anti-slip Leather Sole.
  • Metal buckle closure.
  • Made in Spain.

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