CATA Sahara 244 Leather Print

€62 €89
  • Negro
  • 2 cm

Delivery time: 24 - 48 hours

Handcrafted and designed in Spain

100% Leather

Recommended for sensitive skin
100% Chromium-free

The legendary Ballerina but with a plus of comfort. Super soft, thanks to the quality of your Leather, or notice that wearing the wear. 2 cm heel and two models from which to choose; Sahara or black tornasol. Choose yours and you do not remove them.

  • Outer Material: Leather Snake Print Sahara 244 and Suede Black
  • Leather Lining.
  • 2 cm heel height.
  • Anti-slip rubber sole TPU.
  • Bow in Leather Suede Black.
  • Animal Print Trend.
  • Padded Insole Complete with Anti-Fatigue Sponge.
  • Made in Spain

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