CAMILA Pink Ray Leather Suede

  • Pink
  • 10 cm

Delivery time: 5 - 10 days

Handcrafted and designed in Spain

100% Leather

Recommended for sensitive skin
100% Chromium-free

These pink leather sandals with heel and platform are ideal for your most important events that you want to stand out and feel comfortable and feminine in equal parts. They are perfectly at the feet of ladies who value design, comfort and professionalism. The tone makes it a very special shoe and the heel is high enough to get the stability you need and make your figure look slimmer. In addition, it is a kind of very combinable shoes with all kinds of garments, so do not stay without it and take it anymore. It is made with top quality materials and a characteristic that sets it apart from the rest is that it has the sole with leather honed. It is a simple model that does not have ornaments and wears a fur-covered buckle as a closure that maintains the standing subject. It is a model that is very fashionable and is a self-confident personality and very feminine design for women like you. Heel height is 10 cm, suitable for a large event. Being a high-quality shoe, when the end of the ceremony arrives you feel like you just started. Buy in our online store pink high heel sandals is very simple and we guarSuedee a completely secure payment. Also, if you need any information you have doubts, we will attend quickly.

  • Leather Suede Pink.
  • Goat leather lining.
  • Stiletto High Heel 10 cm.
  • Interior Platform 2 cm.
  • Slip Leather sole.
  • buckle closure leather lining.
  • Made in Spain.
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