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About Gennia

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About Us

We are a Spanish footwear brand specialized in the creation of shoes for women made of 100% leather. From the beginning, our main objective has been to create quality shoes full of details in each process of production. Being so meticulous has helped us to differentiate ourselves in the sector and become a brand of exceptional quality that is committed to a product that is 100% made in Spain.

Gennia footwear combines two factors, which at first sight seem to be opposed, but are basic in the world of fashion; knowledge of the latest trends and love for detail and craftsmanship. A company philosophy that has spread throughout the entire Gennia team.

Collection after collection, innovation is always present, but without forgetting three of the basic pillars that define the brand; maximum quality, a comfortable and convenient design and attention to every detail, from manufacturing to customer service.

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Pieles Libres de Cromo

Chrome-free Leather

At Gennia we remove chrome from our leather. Chromium is a chemical component used for the tanning of leather, which, in addition to being a contaminant, is responsible for the appearance of allergies or more serious pathologies such as hives or psoriasis.

Breathable Materials

The exceptional quality of the materials used in the production process helps Gennia shoes to be more breathable, better regulate foot moisture and reduce the appearance of bacteria.

Plantilla antibacteriana y antifatiga

Antibacterial and Anti-fatigue Insole

Gennia shoes incorporate an insole of polyurethane foam that adapts to the foot when walking and provides greater support on the sole of the foot. This reduces fatigue and promotes blood flow. It also provides the necessary breathability to avoid the appearance of bacteria.

Anti-slip Sole

Avoid slipping, have a feeling of safety and comfort and better grip to the floor with every step you take with the non-slip soles that we incorporate in all our models.

Suela Antideslizante
Calzado zapato ergonomico

Ergonomic Shoes

The leather of our shoes adapts perfectly to your foot, turning them into a glove, guaranteeing you an unique comfort.

100% Made in Spain

At Gennia, one of our hallmarks is that our products are made in Spain, a sign of quality and fair company policies towards customers and employees.

Made in Spain Fabricado en España

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