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Kiara NudeKIARA Nude Leather Suede
Kiara MauveKIARA Mauve Clear Leather Suede
Milena PurpleMILENA Violet Leather Suede
Milena RedMILENA Red Leather Suede
MARA Nude Leather PatentMARA Nude Leather Patent
Minerva MauveMINERVA Violet Mauve Leather Suede
Minerva YellowMINERVA Yellow Leather Suede
Minerva PinkMINERVA Pink Leather Suede


NALA Gold Platinum Leather Nappa MetalNALA Gold Platinum Leather Nappa Metal
NALA Dark Silver Leather Napa MetalNALA Dark Silver Leather Napa Metal
NIAGARA Black Leather SuedeNIAGARA Black Leather Suede
NIAGARA Gold Platinum LeatherNIAGARA Gold Platinum Leather
FERIDE Dark Silver LeatherFERIDE Dark Silver Leather
DIOSA Black Leather SuedeDIOSA Black Leather Suede
FRIDA Black Leather SuedeFRIDA Black Leather Suede
FULAR Black Leather SuedeFULAR Black Leather Suede

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Online Women's Shoes

As you know, buying quality women's shoes online is essential for good foot rest and to avoid feeling discomfort from inadequate footwear. In Gennia you can find many different types of women's footwear and you can choose the one you like best and that best suits your personal preferences. In our online shoe shop you can find women's online sandals, which are comfortable and of the highest quality. Women's shoes comply with the essential technical characteristics and adapt perfectly to the foot. Women's sandals are fantastic to wear every day thanks to their resistant sole.

In addition, within women's shoes, we have lounge shoes, great for events and for those times when you want to feel special and unique. Women's dress shoes with heels are great for gaining a few centimeters high, without losing comfort, as they are wide enough to walk and get the welfare you need. Women's salon shoes are shoes with breaking designs and bright colors, for a fun and confident woman like you.

On the other hand, clogs are an excellent choice for everyday use. You'll gain a few inches in height and see your most stylized figure. They are very easy to put on and stand out for their comfort and design. In addition, they are fun and bright colors, excellent for this spring. Another star shoe that you can buy online in our store are women's moccasins, perfect women's shoes for both formal and more casual occasions. We have models of moccasins for women very exclusive for you.

Women's dancers are women's shoes par excellence. With your shoes of dancer you will achieve a great comfort and your look will be much more complete. Another of the great categories that are included in our website is the "outlet" section where you can get your shoes online women at irresistible prices. Visit our women's footwear outlet and take advantage of all the women's footwear offers we have.

Why choose women's footwear made in Gennia?

Gennia is a brand of Spanish shoes for women where it rewards professionalism, comfort and design. If you want to choose authentic women's footwear, do not hesitate to choose us. Our footwear designs are specifically designed for women like you, self-confident, feminine and fighters. We ensure excellent customer service and attention at all times. If you have any questions in the purchase process, we will resolve your questions quickly. You can contact us from different avenues, so we hope you feel well taken care of and very satisfied with our women's shoes.